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Principles help you become a better designer. Read this article if you want proven principles to take your designs to the next level.


5 Guiding Principles for Design

5 Guiding Principles for Design



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Make It Simple

One guiding principle for UX or Product Design is to make it simple.

Users like simple it decreases the cognitive load and helps you create better experiences that do not confuse users.

There is already so much pain in the world, do not try and add to it with your designs.

Make sure your designs better the world. For instance stay away from Dark Patterns or things that hurt your users.

Before you start designing, always figure out the problem first. That is critical and crucial in making excellent designs.

every person should do some user research before designing to make sure you actually understand the problem at hand.

Everyone has a different background. They have different mental models and representations of how the world is. Understanding you are not your users will help you create better designs that stand out and make a difference.

I have talked with a lot of high-quality designers, and empathy is something that has always come up.

Having Empathy is critical in UX Design. Many designers have already proven that fact. If you have empathy as a UX Designer, you will be able to accomplish various things.

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