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Unstoppable (Sia song) - Wikipedia

Unstoppable (Sia song) - Wikipedia


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Unstoppable (Sia song) - Wikipedia

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Unstoppable By Sia

"Unstoppable" is a song by Australian singer-songwriter Sia, taken from her seventh studio album "This Is Acting (2016)". The song was written by Sia and Christopher Braide, and produced by Jesse Shatkin. It was released as the album's final promotional single on 21 st of January 2016. In July, a new version of the song was made for Gillette's 2016 Olympic ad campaign, "Pretty Isn't Perfect", which features a verse from American rapper Pusha T.


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"Unstoppable" is the fifth track on Sia's 2016 album "This Is Acting". It has been called a "stomping, empowering jam" and "swollen self-esteem anthem of her ", with lyrics like,

"I'm unstoppable,

I'm a Porsche with no brakes ;

I'm invincible,

I win every single game ;

I'm so powerful,

I don't need batteries to play ;

I'm so confident,

yeah I'm unstoppable today."


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