Bhagavad Gita- A Spiritual Treat!! - Deepstash
Bhagavad Gita- A Spiritual Treat!!

Bhagavad Gita- A Spiritual Treat!!


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Bhagavad Gita- A Spiritual Treat!!

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A Guru of Gurus:

Kurukshetra is not only a place in India, there is one in all of us today.

The Bhagavad-Gita is considered by eastern and western researchers the same to be among the best otherworldly books the world has at any point known. In a lucid manner, the Supreme Lord Krishna depicts the study of self-acknowledgment and the specific interaction by which an individual can build up their unceasing relationship with God. As far as unadulterated, otherworldly information the Bhagavad-Gita is exceptional. Its characteristic magnificence is that its information applies to everyone, everywhere.


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Relevance Today:

The Chaotic life with the signets of stress, workload, rumination of the fear of losing has fuelled the mad race we all run. In the run, we the runners have forgotten to stop and reflect on our blessings and losses, like the ones depicted in “Keeping Quiet” by Pablo Neruda. We have forgotten the true meaning of being alive, the constant cacophony of the financial gurus and their long sermons of life being a race for money has shadowed our social handles and life. All group discussions are money centric, but what about investing in Mental health and wellbeing? Well, that one is never discussed.


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A Summary to get you thinking:

  1. Do not act upon anything with the greed of outcome as your actions have far reaching consequences that you can’t predict like a ripple in a pond.
  2. Desires are bound to come as all, feelings and thoughts are born out of mind which leads to attachment. Desire and anger are the greatest enemies of a person
  3. Commit an action with goodwill and duty in foresight and you will attain what you desire
  4. Reshape yourself through the force of your sheer will. Those who enjoy vanquishing themselves live in harmony, the same in glee and gloom, recognition and failure.
  5. Time is a human construct, soul is beyond time.


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Major Takeaways

  1. An individual’s best friend and enemy is he, himself; so a man must put efforts to be better everyday, because he is his greatest competition.
  2. Detachment from materialistic pursuits brings attachment to spiritual pursuits like water on a lotus leaf. Ignorance of the real purpose is the root cause of attachment and with wisdom one can master detachment.
  3. Silence is an endorsement of an action. If you stay silent when an injustice is taking place before you, you are equally to blame.
  4. Your life might be besotted with difficulties, but it’s yours to live. It’s better to live your own unperfect version


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As per Krishna, this life is only a fantasy of those spirits that have appended themselves to bogus things, to home, to a spouse, to the body, to the delights and to everything that means duality. When the spirit liberates itself from all shackles of connections and repugnance's, it achieves extreme liberation (moksha). Bhagavad Gita is a philosophical composition of Krishna’s life. It is an equation to freedom, information and BLISS. As I often tell all my students “I can not help you feel, everyone needs to feel the Divine for themselves”