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Cultural Competence allows us to analyze one’s own beliefs and that of others and be educated about the varying viewpoints. Such understandings are particularly important because cultural perspectives and beliefs profoundly affect all aspects of people’s behaviour. It helps promotes inclusion and equality and make others feel secure and equal as their own customs and beliefs are included in mainstream practice hence making the business culturally competent.

The after-hours unwanted struggles of a salaried employee in 21 Century.

As per Krishna, this life is only a fantasy of those spirits that have appended themselves to bogus things, to home, to a spouse, to the body, to the delights and to everything that means duality. When the spirit liberates itself from all shackles of connections and repugnance's, it achieves extreme liberation (moksha). Bhagavad Gita is a philosophical composition of Krishna’s life. It is an equation to freedom, information and BLISS. As I often tell all my students “I can not help you feel, everyone needs to feel the Divine for themselves”

We all are surrounded by monkeys bossing us around with their monkey chatter, going about their monkey business at the expense of our toils, but there is an age-old trick to master this miserable monkey-human relationship.

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