7 Life lessons that will put you 10 years ahead of 93% of people - Deepstash
7 Life lessons that will put you 10 years ahead of 93% of people

7 Life lessons that will put you 10 years ahead of 93% of people


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7 Life lessons that will put you 10 years ahead of 93% of people

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Shit Happens

Be bitter or be better

Shit happens.

And a lot of it we can't control.

But, we can control how we react and our attitudeo towards every situation.


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There's no rush

Sure, it would be nice to have everything you've ever wanted right now But here's the secret;

If you had it all right now, you wouldn't be happy. Why?

Because you didn't earn it.

Whatever it is you want, put in the work, earn it and it will be much more fulfilling to get.


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Less is more

People have this idea that they need to be working on 100 different things at once.

You don't. Doing this will only stretch you thin.

Instead, focus on the rule of 3: 3 macro goals and 3 daily tasks to get you there.


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You need to just start

Whatever it is in life that makes you think "I'm not ready yet"

Just start.

The reason you don't feel ready is because you lack experience, but to get experience you must start.

Take the leap, start and learn along the way.


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You're stronger than you think

No matter who you are, what you do or where you're from,

You are capable of so much more than you believe.

Both physically and mentally.

So whenever you think you've had enough, that you need to quit - you don't, keep pushing.


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Failure is a part of the journey

Let's be fair, you don't want to fail.

I don't want to fail.

But, at some point in your life failure will come along and kick down your front door.

Welcome it, sit it down and have a chat.

Treat failure as a change in direction, not a dead end.


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It's your life

Are you doing what you want to do?

Or are you doing what your parents want you to do?

Or are you doing what the rest of society wants you to do?

This is your life.

If you want fulfillment you need to stop living your life based on what other people want you to do

And start living your life based on what you want to do.


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