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Food Facts You'll Want to Know

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Fruity facts

Fruity facts

  • Oranges get all the glory for packing a vitamin C punch, but a cup-size serving of broccoli provides 18 grams more than you’d get from a whole orange.
  • Pilgrims are responsible for apples in America. They planted the first U.S. apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • Most grapes end up as wine. Only 12 per cent of grapes are intended to be eaten fresh.
  • Orange peppers are the best choice to protect your eyes. This is because peppers have about ten times the amount of two carotenoids that support eye health.


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Fast food

  • McDonald’s isn’t the oldest fast-food chain. The first fast-food burger chain was actually White Castle, which was founded in Kansas in 1921.
  • McDonald’s chicken nuggets were originally created in the 1980s with input from chef René Arend, who cooked for Queen Elizabeth II and the king of Belgium, among others.


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Food facts

Food facts

  • Around 66 per cent of Americans like their toast lightly toasted.
  • Lasagna actually originated in Greece. Lasagna made its way to Italy by way of Roman conquerors.
  • Only twenty per cent of Americans take their morning coffee black.
  • Milk chocolate reigns supreme but dark chocolate is starting to close the gap because of its health benefits of dark chocolate.
  • One of the sweetest American traditions started with sugar cookies, made and sold door to door by Girls Scouts.


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The spices in chai tea vary, but sweet, spicy cinnamon is a must. Strongly brewed tea provides the basis for this robust drink, containing cream, milk, and spices. Spices are typically a warming mix of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and pepper. Sweetness is essential for bringing out the spices’ full flavours.

Bubble tea is around 40 years old. The tea is mixed with milk or fruit and topped with tapioca pearls.


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