Solar System Travel Checklist - Deepstash
Solar System Travel Checklist

Solar System Travel Checklist


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Solar System Travel Checklist

😴 Going to sleep

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Floating In Venus's Clouds

Temperature would be nice up there, Just don't fall...


47 reads

Exploring Mars's Red Surface

Elon Musk's favorite idea

Just a bit cold ❄️

Beware of the gigantic duststorms tho...


25 reads

Watching Jupiter Through Icy Europa

Damn Jupiter is Big

That great red spot looks violent 😯

Is there really an ocean under europa's surface?


23 reads

Feeling Like A Bird On Titan

Put on some fake wings and u can fly

Titan's atmosphere is thick enough 😆

Those rings of Saturn look really bright


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Watch The Sunset From Neptune

Neptune's moon will be perfect for that, Some chances of finding life too, be safe 👽


22 reads

Camp On Pluto

Dwarf planet? So what, it has 5 moons

Good to see while camping

Don't forget your winter clothes tho ❄️


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One Day It Will Be Reality

We must become Interstellar species someday, don't u wanna experience hanging out on Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system 😆

Hopefully the day comes before we die 🚀


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