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6 Strategies For Dealing With Creative Burnout (from 2021)


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6 Strategies For Dealing With Creative Burnout (from 2021)

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Do a brain dump put everything in a peice of paper this is very important because now instead of dealing with the scariness of not knowing you are just dealing with a task list

Dealing with a task list is pretty easy you can go down the list and tackle them if you just think I have a lot of things to do that doesn’t help you accomplish them


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Stop working on things that are not helping you or that are just busy work. Focus on the most important tasks that you can do to further your life and your career

Every so often make sure you take a moment and stop to assess where you are at in your career that is very important


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Make sure that you prioritize your tasks that extremely helps to stop feeling overwhelmed.

Block your tasks into meaningful chunks and then reproritize them


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Take time to work on your self make sure you stay active and do things that you love

You don’t have to overwork yourself to be a good employee rather you must be productive and create value to the company. Don’t accept every new challenge that comes up. Rather schedule out your time


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Realizing why your work is important is useful. That can help you grow and communicate better.


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