The Future Of City Planning: Superblocks - Deepstash
The Future Of City Planning: Superblocks
The Future Of City Planning: Superblocks
The Future Of City Planning: Superblocks


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The Future Of City Planning: Superblocks

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Urban Motorization's five main issues

  1. Noise pollution: we lost our right to peace and quiet through motorization
  2. Air pollution: can lower your IQ if you grow up in a polluted area
  3. Lack of space: streets used to be massive social spaces. now we use them for parking and transit
  4. Safety: since our roads are now used by cars, it is not safe for us, our kids, and our pets
  5. Overheating: our cities are covered in black concrete and filled with metal boxes. during a heatwave, it is inhabitable


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The solution?

One word: superblocks!

  • Human-friendly areas of a city, where cars are treated as guests.
  • Superblocks can solve all these issues by design.

Barcelona has been a trailblazer in this regard, it is a massive success. Vienna is also planning its first superblocks.

So, how do we make a superblock?


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Step 1

Find an area delineated by major roads. This will be the location of the superblock.

  • Ideally, it should have mixed zoning and public transit links that connect other parts of the city
  • A metro or train station is the best, but trams and buses can also do the job


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Step 2

Reorganize directions of traffic.

  • Strategically placed one-way streets
  • Possible to drive in and out of the area, but not through it, eliminating transit traffic is the key to superblock design
  • Bicycles and street-level public transit should be an exemption from this, of course

And with that, most of the work is already done!


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Step 3

Limit parking for non-residents

  • Pricing should disincentivize car ownership
  • Pricing should take into count size and proportion 


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Step 4

Mixed traffic spaces

  • If there are people around, drivers will be much more careful
  • We now have space for bike lanes and restaurant terraces
  • But most importantly: trees, which will keep the superblocks nice and cold during summer


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And that's it!

Congratulations! You just made an entire district much more liveable. 

  • Most of the air pollution is now gone
  • Streets are safe now, and you don't have to be afraid of getting run over
  • The streets are nice and cold during the summer and heatwaves


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🏷️ he/him or anything 🎓 learning graphic design and information technology 🎂 november 13 i like: 💡🐈🌶️🔮🌌🌍🌿🪴🎨📸 "Change is a direction, not a destination."


I found this video very interesting, and thought I would share it with you! I believe that this is a very important topic, and should be talked about more. All credit goes to Adam Something on youtube.🏙️❤️🌳