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Working with Creativity

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<p>Creativity arises as a resu...

Creativity arises as a result of being able to think through different situations at once, it requires a healthy mindset and energy. It is about how distinctive and unique your imagination can be, you are able to think through situations to a situation. A person with lesser creativity will have think about x and y as the results, whereas a person who is highly creative might have a, b, c, x, y and z as the result.


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Creativity can be kindled and it is one of the best value add skills you might want to have in you. A creative mindset is built over a period of time. There is a little effort required from you to work on it, you might have to think through the situations come up with different variants of understanding from the same situation and there is something with the way you look at the world. Creativity flourishes with a sound mindset and needs lot of energy.


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A question you might ask yourself would be am I creative ? if the answer is straight forward then you are already doing a good job while if you have to think through to the yes then it might be a no. Don’t worry you can always work on your creativity regardless of the age. The next question is how ?


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There are a set of skills and areas in which you can work with discipline to see great results. Below are some of the areas which are great for improving your creativity.

Learning art (Painting and sketching)

Multi lingual

Exercise (brings lot of energy)

Being in nature



These are some fundamental workings required you to be good with, if you already exercise some of these skills then you might already know the value of them.


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Slowly and gradually you will definitely become creative if you are working on your self and over a period of time you will wonder about the improvements you see in yourself.


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Trying to be enterpruner 🧑‍💻


I learnt alot with this methodology and i hope you can improve yourself too

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