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I recently ordered a roll-up banner for an exhibition show and it arrived with a very slight dent on the fabric. I rang the company and was very surprised what I learnt from the experience. Something for all businesses to learn.

How to WOW customers with Excellence

💡 Quality and Excellence


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Customer Delight Makes A Huge Difference

In a world where customer experience has become a trending topic, a lot of brands are still behind in the excellence they ought to deliver through their services.

And here is that reminder - it is no longer just about a great product anymore.

One of the ways to deliver except...

Taking a step back to the moment I realised there was a minor dent on the banner, I deliberated ringing the company to complain.

Finally I did, with a simple expectation of getting an apology or something. And to be honest, that would have been fine by me.

One thing I really ...

From a sales numbers perspective, one could argue that sending a replacement order to me is a business loss. That may be true but not entirely.

When the replacement order was communicated to me, I was informed it would be delivered next day. This is a premium the brand would have to bear ...

No surprises, I am a valuable customer of the brand, and they are called Solopress. I have since placed an additional order, shared my experience with other potential customers and recommended their services to others too.

All these have been possible because of the drive for excellence an...

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