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Much Yet To Conquer

Much Yet To Conquer

We live in a very interesting moment in which women have the highest level of expression in history, mostly thanks to the feminist movements of the 60s and 70s.

On the other hand, because it seems like the fight for equality has been won, progress has been taking place, and things have been evolving, however at a low pace. Inequality of genders still exists in various spheres of society, mainly when it comes to careers and work.


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The Truth About Gender Equality In The Modern Age

The Truth About Gender Equality In The Modern Age

  • Despite significant progress, it is important to be aware that gender inequality still exists.
  • Women are still discriminated against, and many aren’t aware of the ongoing bias.
  • Women are noticeably absent from leadership positions.
  • Whether it’s due to childhood learned bias or motherhood, many women tend to be less committed to pursuing leadership positions.

Example: Only 4% of Fortune 500 company CEOs are women even though women outperform men in pre-professional academic settings.  


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What would you do if you weren't afraid?



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Inequality At Work And The Self Confidence Of A Woman

Inequality At Work And The Self Confidence Of A Woman

  • Talk openly with others about inequality to work together towards a solution
  • Discussing gender inequality often identifies opportunities to help close the gap.

Example: Professors who know that women are less likely to raise their hand in class may call on an equal number of males and females in order to level the imbalance.  

  • Fake confidence until you build it naturally
  • Many women are plagued by the “imposter syndrome,” where they believe their skills are inferior and thus hold back in areas where career progression requires confidence.


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There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.



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In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.



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Hidden Inequality

Hidden Inequality

Many times, we think that a masculine world discriminates women, but in reality, women also sabotage themselves.

Both sexes have a perception of less value for the female sex, and we need to be attentive to these matters since this valid sexism exists and affects our lives.

This hidden inequality also exists in the family environment and in relationships, where many times you expect the woman stalls her career to take care of the children.


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Gender Stereotyping

Gender Stereotyping

Gender stereotypes also act in veiled sexism. Society does not expect women to prioritize their careers or be ambitious, and it labels those who do it as bossy, among other things.

These stereotypes are reinforced throughout life for the whole society, from childhood, ultimately limiting the perspectives of each gender.


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Equality Has To Be The Agenda

Equality Has To Be The Agenda

It is necessary that the subject of gender inequality is increasingly addressed so that it is recognized, and eventually reduced. It is not a matter of demanding special treatment for women, but rather of engaging people in the cause and seeking solutions.

When the conversation occurs, more women are inspired to lead change and more men who understand the problem want to become part of the solution to this inequality.

Getting people to know and understand the problem helps us channel changes, albeit small ones, day in and day out.


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The Women Is An Enemy Of Other Women

The Women Is An Enemy Of Other Women

Women often do not support each other, and to achieve a less inequitable scenario, we must change that.

An example: if a woman manages to reach a leadership position in a mostly male company, she begins to feel threatened by other women and thus hinders their promotions. That is a type of behaviour that reinforces the current status of inequality.

Another example: mothers who stay at home and do not have jobs constantly emotionally discourage working mothers, leaving them insecure about their careers.


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The Few Women On Top Are Scrutinized

The Few Women On Top Are Scrutinized

The shortage of females in the highest levels of leadership puts the couple of women who get to positions of power under in-depth examination, transforming them into representatives for their whole gender, regardless of whether they want to play that part or not.

Example: The firestorm of negative feedback aimed at the president and CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer after she declared that she would do her job all throughout her maternity leave.


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Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus

Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus

Stereotypes do exist and still affect the way our brain processes information.

Even today, society expects men to be decisive and direct and women sensitive. A successful woman breaks with her gender stereotype, and this causes her to face unnecessary resistance from society.

Competent and ambitious men are praised while these women are described pejoratively. To further complicate things, trying to fit into an expected gender role can also limit a woman’s career.


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Express Yourself With Clarity And Transparency

Express Yourself With Clarity And Transparency

Honest and transparent communication is essential to developing a promising career. It strengthens relationships, allows for challenging unsubstantiated decisions, and helps tackle complicated issues.

Many women are afraid to talk about what they think about work, thinking that it causes them to be denied or criticized.

It is the leader’s role to encourage authenticity by asking for feedback and suggestions, as well as publicly thanking those who have given their opinions and cared about an issue.


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Be Politely Honest, Not Brutally Honest

Be Politely Honest, Not Brutally Honest

There is no absolute truth, so to communicate effectively, you must first try to see things as the other.

A good phrase to put yourself in the other’s position would be: “I understood that you are concerned about this because you feel …” Another tip of communication is to use the “I” to show your opinions and disagreements: “I think that we should do this another way … “, and never” You’re wrong.”


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Focus On What Matters

Focus On What Matters

You will not be able to do everything. Women may have a greater concern and feel that they are leaving things “on hold”, but it is important to have balance and focus.

Even if you are an executive at a large company, you need to set boundaries and work within them.

There is pressure on mothers to spend more time with their children, and this can create a sense of guilt in mothers who have a job.


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Finding The Balance

Finding The Balance

  • Find time to go to your children’s school, but do not worry about making the beds to perfection.
  • Find solutions that are sustainable in the long run, both at home and at work.
  • There is no recipe for balancing a meaningful personal life and a career in success, find out what works for you.


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Blocking Your Own Progress

Blocking Your Own Progress

Self-made limits women put in front of themselves. Even the author was liable for similar conduct.

Women are not in possession of enough self-confidence and are inclined to underestimate themselves. They are less decisive, as well, and feel more hesitant to self-promote and negotiate for themselves as opposed to their male partners.

Alos, they want people to like them, which, as the author clarifies, can hamper their power.


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Lean In!

Lean In!

The author urges the woman to sit at the table, lean in and speak up. Women should not be afraid to make sure their voices are heard. Apart from the workplace, women need to make real partners out of their partners and try to develop an equal distribution of labour at home.

Until you decide that it is time to leave, stay fully engaged.


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Administrator for charities/voluntary organisations


Sheryl Sandberg's balanced and honest take on gender inequality.

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