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The Path to Genius: Think “How,” Instead of “What”

The Path to Genius: Think “How,” Instead of “What”


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The Path to Genius: Think “How,” Instead of “What”

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Genius isn't solely inborn

Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and Marie Curie had brilliant ideas that pushed the boundaries of their time. However, genius is not a fixed quantity. Anyone can be a genius in the right context and with the right tools.

Research suggests there are ways we can all become more intelligent and think like a genius, from being able to process information faster than most people to be able to tackle complex problems efficiently.


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Great thinkers from da Vinci to Thomas Edison were more interested in how things could work.

Brilliant thinkers like Marie Curie and Steve Jobs are renowned for their original thinking that led to groundbreaking discoveries. They knew how to think but weren't born with these advantages. Instead, they learned specific methods to understand the world around them and unlock hidden potential.


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Geniuses know how to connect unrelated ideas

Recent research about creatives found that people who are more creative can simultaneously engage brain networks that don't typically work together.

Great minds discover novel ideas because they focus on how to think, not what to think.


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The ability to think and act outside your normal understanding realm requires you to see things from different perspectives and imagine unique solutions.

  • Newton spent many years teaching himself mathematics before developing the concept of gravity.
  • Picasso was not born to paint. He honed his skill.
  • Mozart committed almost all his life to learning and composing music.

Geniuses are mostly self-learners. The best way is to start with books.


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Original ideas seem irrational

Genius minds see things abstractly. They tend to see the big picture more clearly than most people.

Original ideas require you not to be afraid to try new things and take risks. Look for inspiration in things people take for granted.


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The human capacity to learn, discover, improve, create or change our environment is very natural. We are made to create.

Creativity is not something you have or you don't. Watch how children think freely until they are formally educated to become conventional thinkers.

We are expected to join closed-minded educational systems, stop thinking and do what we are told. Yet that is what prevents the development of independent and original thinking.


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