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Why Care About Design Principles

You should care about design principles because it will help you become a better designer. It will not matter what type of design you are doing wether product or graphic design or motion design


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1. The Design Must Be Innovative

Your design must have Feasability, Desireability and Viability in your designs that in turn will make it innovative and much more effective of a design that then aids the design process


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Good Design Makes Product Useful

You need to actually find problems before you go out and try and solve them that is very important. Your designs must actually solve a problem thus making it possible that your designs does good in this world


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Good Design Is Aesthetics

We value beautiful things. Good designs must first and foremost be good to look at. Thing of Form and Function. You must work for your user not you. It’s Justine the aesthetics Usability effect having your designs look good is a plus.


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Good Design Makes Product Understandable

Your designs should be self explanatory. You shouldn’t need to explain everything. The more simpler it is the better. Simplicity is good but as Teslas law brings out we need to make sure we don’ make it too simple


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Good Design Is Unobtrusive

Having your designs is very good but you need to make sure that you have only the core functions. The designs can’t be cluttered, or confusing for it to be successful


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Good Design Is Honest

No dark pattern. They know what to expect what you see is what they get which is very important


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Good Design Should Last A While

Good designers don’t chase trends rather they look at the history of trends and reflect and make sure you are making the right decisions about different trends and just keep improving.


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Good Design Is Thorough Down To The Little Detail

Make sure your team cares about every little detail because then customers will have no complains thus making your designs much better.


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Good Design Is As Little Design As Possible

Good design is designs that don’t require people to use it that much it shouldn’t be essential.


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