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How to start with Flash Card: The Learning Scientists Blog

How to start with Flash Card: The Learning Scientists Blog

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Flash Card

Flash Card

The key to implementing this strategy is to make one stack of concept cards, and a second stack of instructions. These instructions will guide you through exploring and understanding the concepts in new ways. Here's how!


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Step 1

Step 1

Use your notes or your textbook to identify key concepts in the material. On one side of a flashcard, write the name of the concept. On the back of the flashcard, write the definition. Once you have made flashcards for all of your concepts, move on to step 2.


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Step 2

Step 2

Make a stack of instruction flashcards that invite you to interact with and elaborate on these concepts. Use a different color flashcard or different color pen to keep these separate from your concept flashcards.

  • Describe a movie/television scene that depicts this concept
  • Describe how an animal might portray this concept
  • Describe this concept without using any key words written on the flashcard
  • Give a real life example of this concept
  • How would you explain this to a child/someone who has never heard of it before?
  • Draw this concept
  • Why is knowledge of this concept useful to you?


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Step 3

Step 3

Once you have two stacks of flashcards, you are ready to study! Shuffle both stacks, but keep them separate (color coordination of the flashcards is helpful). Select one card from each stack and follow the instructions in regards to the concept that you selected. It is important to write or say aloud your responses to ensure that you can formulate and execute an answer.


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Step 4

Step 4

After you have gone through all of your concept cards, refer back to your notes or textbook for any concepts you had trouble with. Make sure you write or say aloud a correct answer.


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