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The 10 Essential Strategies for Deeper Learning

The 10 Essential Strategies for Deeper Learning


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The 10 Essential Strategies for Deeper Learning

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Expose Yourself Multiple Times to the Same Information

If you can be exposed to a fact, idea or procedure multiple times, you’ll retain it far longer than if you experience it only once.


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Practice on Questions From the Test

Retrieval practice—where you shut the book and try to recall what you’ve learned without looking at it—is one of the most effective studying techniques.


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Drill the Basics Until They’re Automatic

Whenever you’re struggling to learn anything, always ask if you’ve mastered the basics.


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 Test Your Knowledge Before You’re “Ready”

A clever experimental manipulation found that the students who would have chosen passive review, nonetheless did better when they were forced to do practice instead.


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Slow Down to Understand Better

This concept corresponds roughly to what we think of as our mental bandwidth. It can only hold a few items at a time.

The fix is to slow things down. Write out what you’re trying to learn on a piece of paper, and go through each sentence or step in a calculation one-at-a-time.


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Get Clear on What Confuses You

Instead of trying to understand the idea all at once, you need to ask yourself what’s missing to understand it.


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Never Multitask

We’re never actually doing two things at once. Instead, when we multitask, we’re quickly switching between tasks in our minds.


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Don’t Get Too Far From the Real Thing

By obtaining only a superficial understanding, it’s harder to abstract the deeper principles behind things.

Knowing a programming concept, like recursion, for a test is one thing. Being able to notice that the current problem in your work would be best solved with a recursive algorithm is another.


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Pretend to Teach It

The teacher often learns more than the student. Teaching something, even if just pretending, forces you to confront what you know and don’t know.


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Find Your Reason to Be Interested

Genuine interest can’t be faked, but it can be fostered.


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