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The Creation of Jazz


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The Creation of Jazz

by Burton William Peretti

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Creative Alternatives

”The creation of Jazz is therefore a story of expanding creative alternatives, energized by new educational resources, profit-making opportunities, and social connections in urban America; but it is also a story of individual and group aspirations stymied, and sometimes crushed, by a partially y democratic society that upheld policies of exclusion, unbridled economic competition, and atomizing individualism.”

- Burton W. Peretti


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  • More than any other art form, Jazz was shaped by, and spoke of, these cultural reconciliations and compromises
  • The music was highly rhythmic, the contribution of the drums and of its symbiotic relation to dance
  • The music, because of its rich spiritual and social role, was complex


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Migration & Jazz

  • Musicians had absorbed the education and diverse stimuli provided by the experience of migration, they entered a stage of independent and self-definition, in which the materials of the common musical culture became elements of distinctive and acknowledged personal styles
  • As musicians adopted these new views, jazz shed some of its early identity as a folk music and acquired a few of the formal characteristics of an elite or art musical


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Victorian Decorum

“Sweet jazz dancing signified a temporary abandonment of Victorian decorum and manners.” - Burton W. Peretti


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“In creating jazz, black players exercised a kind of cultural leadership in America that has rarely been permitted or acknowledged.” - Burton W. Peretti


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“Louis Armstrong’s trumpet, speaks to the possibilities available to the individual in a democracy.”


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”With jazz, they were not lost in urban America.” - Burton W. Peretti


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