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Miyamoto Musashi - How To Build Your Self Discipline

Miyamoto Musashi - How To Build Your Self Discipline

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About The Author

About The Author

Miyamoto Musashi was not just the greatest swordsman in the history of Japan, but also an artist, philosopher and Buddhist. His almost surreal discipline led him to win 60 duels and become a legend. Before his death in 1645, he wrote the Dokodo, a set of 21 principles expressing an honest and strongly self-disciplined view of life.

Here are four teachings from Miyamoto on discipline.


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Avoid doing things just because they feel good

Avoid doing things just because they feel good

Miyamoto sacrificed typical desires and comfort to focus on becoming the greatest swordsman.

He believed that constantly indulging in pleasures doesn't lead to happiness, and that finding meaning and doing what matters is the true source of fulfillment.


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Focus On One Thing

Focus On One Thing

Focus on one thing and broaden your horizons in it.

Miyamoto dedicated his life to mastering the sword, and even though he learned just one art, he knew how to express it in thousands of ways.

In a world filled with countless possibilities, he filtered any noise outside of his chosen path and fully grasped the skills he intended to pursue.


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Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Miyamoto left a comfortable life to fulfill his dreams, and even after gaining huge notoriety, he still didn't pursue luxury.

He believed in prioritizing what was useful, and his almost surreal self-control, determination and discipline helped him achieve his goals.


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Live with integrity and preserve your honor

Live with integrity and preserve your honor

Live with integrity and preserve your honor.

Live a Nobel life with a set of virtues including honor, honesty, integrity, courage, loyality, respect, and compassion.

Miyamoto's philosophy, the bushido, is a set of virtues followed by the samurais to live a moral and noble life.

Honor is the glue between all virtues, and developing discipline often leads directly to improving honor.


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Bushido's Philosophy in Ordinary Lifes

Bushido's Philosophy in Ordinary Lifes

In a world where instant pleasure has never been more easily accessible, we need to look to those who succeeded in finding meaning and fighting pleasures like Miyamoto.

Discipline is a quality that has been revered by human beings since the dawn of time, and by embodying it, we ensure that our independence is respected and our dreams are fulfilled.


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There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself



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A samurai at first, and then a Ronin, Miyamoto Musashi is considered to be the greatest swordsman ever in the history of Japan, in large part due to his almost surreal discipline. Indeed It is being said that he fought 60 duels, and never lost one. He fought for the first time when he was 13 against an experienced Samurai, and came out victorious. He took down the greatest swordsman at that time, one by one, until the throne was his, and his alone. However, Miyamoto was more than that. Not only was he a master of his craft, but he was also an artist, a cerebral philosopher and a buddhist.

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