40 Lesser-Known Facts About Animals That Prove That We Are So Lucky To Exist At The Same Time As Them - Deepstash
40 Lesser-Known Facts About Animals That Prove That We Are So Lucky To Exist At The Same Time As Them

40 Lesser-Known Facts About Animals That Prove That We Are So Lucky To Exist At The Same Time As Them

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One of the greatest joys about living on this planet is the diverse and exciting range of animals that live alongside us.

These little known animal facts are still incredible and they will definitely make you say “aww.”


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<p>1. The axolotl is also know...

1. The axolotl is also known as the "water monster" or the "Mexican walking fish." Look at it's little smile!


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<p>2. Seals perform this cute ...

2. Seals perform this cute banana pose when they feel safe and content.


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<p>3. The American Kestrel is ...

3. The American Kestrel is the smallest falcon in North America and it is beautiful.


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<p>4. Gibbons are monogomas!</...

4. Gibbons are monogomas!


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<p>5. Red pandas stand on the ...

5. Red pandas stand on the back legs to appear taller and more frightening.


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<p>6. Dogs sneeze while playin...

6. Dogs sneeze while playing with other dogs to let them know it's not serious.


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<p>7. Pygmy hippos are super e...

7. Pygmy hippos are super endangered and there were less than 3,

The San Diego bred one for the first time in 30 years and his name is Akobi.


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<p>8. The black-footed cat (Fe...

8. The black-footed cat (Felis Nigripes) is the smallest cat in  Africa, doesn't let that hold it back. It hunts prey much larger than itself.


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<p>9. This African Grey Parrot...

9. This African Grey Parrot named Alex, is the only animal to ask an existential question.

Alex asked what colour he was?!


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<p>10. Birds love to use anima...

10. Birds love to use animal fur for their nests--so after you finisg brushing your cat or dog, leave it out for them to find.


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<p>11. When orphaned baby bats...

11. When orphaned baby bats are resuced, they get wrapped snuggly, in blankets to mimic their mother's wings


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<p>12. These squirrels in Cali...

12. These squirrels in California have learnt to defend themselves from rattlesnakes!


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<p>13. Pigs are known for bein...

13. Pigs are known for being intelligent and sociable animals!


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<p>14. One of the rarest cats ...

14. One of the rarest cats in the world is the Chinese Mountain Cat, and was only captured on camera for the first time in 2007.


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<p>15. Marine iguanas have a c...

15. Marine iguanas have a close relationship with lava lizards, and the lizards often hunt flies from around them.


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<p>16. The Manul Cat from Cent...

16. The Manul Cat from Central Asia has the longest and densest fur of all the cat species.

I have a new favourite cat species and this is it!


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<p>17. This is an elephant shr...

17. This is an elephant shrew. They are related to shrews, but more closely related to elephants.


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<p>18. This is a Mountain Gori...

18. This is a Mountain Gorilla. They are nearly extinct and there are only about 800 left.


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<p>19. Capybaras are social an...

19. Capybaras are social animals and they love hanging out with other creatures!


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<p>20. Aardwolves: not an aaed...

20. Aardwolves: not an aaedvark, not a wolf, either!


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<p>21. These sand cats have ev...

21. These sand cats have evolved to adapt especially in the desert?


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<p>22. Secretary birds have fa...

22. Secretary birds have fantastic legs! They have been known to stomp snakes, and a single kick can deliver 195 newtons of force!


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<p>23. Hippos bones are so den...

23. Hippos bones are so dense and heavy that they can't actually really swim! They just push off the ground and bounce along the bottom.


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<p>24. This is a mangalica. It...

24. This is a mangalica. It is a species of pig that is covered in a long fur coat, kind of like a sheep.


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<p>25. King cheetahs have a ge...

25. King cheetahs have a gene mutation that changes their fur pattern. Their cream fur has large blotchy spots and three dark, wide stripes down the back.

It lowkey looks like they got stuck in a printer and it looks fantastic.


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<p>26. Check out these goldcre...

26. Check out these goldcrests, the smallest birds in Europe.


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<p>27. Ravens can imitate huma...

27. Ravens can imitate human speech!


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<p>28. Bald eagles don't get t...

28. Bald eagles don't get their white heads for up to five years.


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<p>29. The maned wolf (Chrysoc...

29. The maned wolf (Chrysocyon Brachyurus) is the largest canid in South America. It is not a fix or a wolf


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<p>30. Snow leopards travel th...

30. Snow leopards travel the distance of a marathon each night.


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<p>31. Elephants have high int...

31. Elephants have high intelligence and empathy. They also display "AH HA!" Spontaneous moments of problem solving behaviou.


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<p>32. A study showed that "ro...

32. A study showed that "rollie pollies" remove heavy metals from soil and protect groundwater!


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<p>33. When penguin babies get...

33. When penguin babies get too hot they pant and stick their legs out which cools them off!


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<p>34. The aardvark plays an i...

34. The aardvark plays an important role in preventing wildfire death ls


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<p>35. Australian "firehawk" r...

35. Australian "firehawk" raptors, just like this Black Kite, have been found to intentionally spread wild fires!


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<p>36. Manatees have no real n...

36. Manatees have no real natural predators, so they just chill out all the time.


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<p>37. Wolverines, when traine...

37. Wolverines, when trained properly, can resuce avalanche survivors.


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<p>38. Beavers Have Orange Bec...

38. Beavers Have Orange Because of high iron content (so they are strong enough to chew through wood), the beavers teeth are orange!


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<p>39. The Southern Viscacha i...

39. The Southern Viscacha is native to parts of South America ans spends most of its day napping!


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<p>40. Meet an echidna! Native...

40. Meet an echidna! Native to Australia, they are one of the one of the only mammals to lay eggs.


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These facts are certainly better than the usual cat and dog facts you come across, aren't they? Personally, I love learning new things that I can whip out to impress people (especially at trivia nights) and I think animal facts are an undervalued area.

In general, you learn a bunch of animal facts when you're a child but by the time you grow up you forget them because you are forced to learn trigonometry and other useless things. But hopefully, this post has rekindled your love for animals and taught you some new facts I hope you appreciate all of the beautiful creatures around the world.


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40 Lesser Known Facts About Animals

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