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  • Your thoughts either move you forward or hold you back
  • Influence ideas with action
  • Cannot turn off thoughts; turn them down instead
  • Replace “broken soundtracks” with songs you want to hear
  • Use the power of opposites to change the direction of your thoughts
  • Recite motivational soundtracks aloud for 30 days, notice how that changes your outlook
  • Gather true, helpful, kind soundtracks to create a chorus that sings during times of overthinking
  • Renounce pocket jury – internal judge who tries to thwart progress – by gathering evidence
  • Translate new soundtracks into a symbol that helps you embrace positivity


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Your thoughts either move you forward or hold you back.

When you overthink, thoughts repeat or spin in your brain – longer than you expect, longer than you want. These thoughts often exaggerate things you said or did that you’d rather forget.

“Even if we are very deliberate in other areas of our lives, we tend to treat our thought life as something we have no control over.”

Over time, your brain repeats these broken soundtracks, and they reset your memories. You believe what your brain tells you and find evidence to support those beliefs.

You can learn to control your brain and to ignore your broken soundtracks.


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Influence your ideas with action.

“What you think influences what you do, which influences the results you get.”

When reflecting, ask whether they reflect these qualities:

  • True – Many people believe the story their thoughts tell without testing for credibility. Broken soundtracks harm culture and spirit of an organization if people fail to question the veracity of those messages.
  • Helpful – When analyzing thoughts about this conversation, however, consider: Do they fuel your progress or cause indecision?
  • Kind – Kind thoughts do not judge you. Google, for example, found that when team members treated their peers without judgment.


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You cannot turn off your thoughts; turn them down instead.

Consider these techniques to successfully reset your perspective:

  • Exercise, which releases endorphins that boost your mood.
  • Make lists to sort out your tasks and help you prioritize.
  • Complete a task or two, however minor, to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.
  • Distract yourself with a hobby, such as doing a jigsaw puzzle, knitting, reading a book or listening to a podcast.
  • Take a walk in the woods.
  • Breathe.


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Replace your “broken soundtracks” with the songs you want to hear.

“You don’t think your way out of overthinking. You act your way out. You retire broken soundtracks. You replace them with new ones. You repeat those, so often they become as automatic as the old ones. Those are all actions.”

As you collect your new soundtracks, see where they fit using the action” template:

  • Identify ways you want to succeed such as having more confidence, even in the cold.
  • Retire your broken soundtracks and ask what soundtracks resonate, and will give you impetus to succeed.
  • Take action. Conduct preliminary research for sales meeting to solidify understanding and your position.


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Gather your true, helpful and kind soundtracks to create a chorus that sings during times you might overthink.

  • “Momentum is messy,” addresses perfectionism.
  • “I’ve got a gift worth giving,” focuses on personal identity.
  • “I am the CEO of me, and I am the best boss,” centers on responsibility.


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Renounce your pocket jury – the internal judge who tries to thwart your progress – by gathering evidence.

“You have to gather some evidence of what you want to be true in your life. This is not a passive experience. Proof won’t find you; you have to find it.”


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Translate your new soundtracks into a symbol that helps you embrace positivity.

“Overthinking steals time, creativity, and productivity by making you listen to broken soundtracks. Do you know what happens when you listen to new ones? You give your dreams more time, creativity, and productivity. ”


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