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How to know, What to do?

How to know, What to do?

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The Biggest Question

The Biggest Question

Every psychology field is in quest of finding the answer to the biggest question- "What to do in this human life to achieve a good life"

  • The Humans, just like other animals , wants to "survive". As they say - "Survival of the fittest"
  • But in this modern time, survival is not just limited to "Physical protection" but has developed a broad sense in the form of "Mental" & "Emotional" protection.

Now going back to our question, what is essential to SURVIVE (=Mentally+Emotionally+Physically)

Or what to do to achieve a GOOD life


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What Does It Mean To "GOOD" Life

What Does It Mean To "GOOD" Life

Human life is like a rollercoaster ride, having ups and downs .

  • But the thing that separates us from animals, is the "Consciousness" -The power of taking "better" decisions based on previous outcomes of our actions & experiences from surroundings .
  • Humans sometimes take such decisions that lead to REGRET , these are the decisions that got stuck in our subconscious memory & haunts for life.
  • So the GOOD life we are talking about is, in which -

"We have more PROUD on our DECISIONS than REGRET"


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How To Make Our Decisions "Good"

How To Make Our Decisions "Good"

Based on various studies , our decisions are mostly influenced by our surroundings.

Surroundings includes-

  • Type of people
  • Some materialistic things (having emotional connect)

Let's discuss them one by one


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1) People

1) People

There are two types of people in every human life -

  • Permanent
  • Temporary

Permament - It includes Parents , Brother, Sister i.e people that will never leave you in life, these are the connections that are bound with you since when you are born.

Temporary - They exists for "short period of time" in your life, but sometimes make big impact on your decisions ,this impact can be positive or negative towards a certain situation related decision based on experience you got from those people .


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Materialistic Things

Materialistic Things

Some things make shisfts in our decisions due to the connection of them with some "Emotions" or sometimes "People" . Things let us remember that MEMORY related to past experience or learning


Contribute much more to our future DECISIONS


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When you took the RIGHT DECISION based on past experiences ,or a decision with most probability of success ,


Things start to assemble themselves according to our plan,


Even if they don't ,they may bend us to a different perspective of the reality & we can learn from those decisions.


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A normal human being, observing things ,finding insights psychologically and sharing experiences.


"Decision" are the root cause of actions we took in our life, so ,taking "Good" decisions is important . But How our decisions get influenced that may lead to a "good" or "bad" decision is what we tried to find

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