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Toxic People

Toxic people are those whose behaviors make us feel worse than them. They judge everything with strong opinions, take away our energy, and often leave us feeling uncomfortable.🥵


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Toxic People To Avoid

Complaining people

Narcissistic and manipulative people

Dramatic ones

Angry people 😡


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Complaining People😩

Complaining People😩

Some people can't go long without complaining about something or someone. While everyone complains sometimes, it's important to find a solution for the problem. Often, the real problem is within our minds, not outside. If you spend too much time complaining, it's because you see yourself as a victim, not as the person who can change your situation.


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When we have to deal with people who complain too much, our energy drops quickly. We try to help them or understand their situation, or it's because we are near a low-mood person. But the truth is that only they can change the situation.

Our way of seeing and dealing with the world reflects our internal world.


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Narcissistic People🥸

Narcissistic People🥸

Everyone has narcissistic traits, which are part of being human. However, some people consistently manifest these traits in each "friendship" and relationship. These people have very low self-esteem but act like they're better than anyone else. It's a mental disorder, and while I'm not a psychologist, you can research online for the main traits and causes of this disorder.


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General 🚩 to Pay Attention To:

  • The person lacks empathy and acts/reacts as if they're better than everyone.
  • They seek admiration and compliments, becoming annoyed if they don't receive enough attention.
  • They have very low self-esteem and get angry or annoyed when discussing something they don't want to reveal.
  • Being around these people makes you feel stupid or blamed.
  • Even in a "good" relationship, you might occasionally sense some of these feelings, but they become very noticeable if the relationship is toxic.

(Remember that difficult moments don't necessarily indicate a toxic personality; someone might be reacting due to a sensitive situation.)


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Manipulative Ones

They ask for favors and get angry or annoyed if you don't meet their needs. This is a typical trait of narcissistic personality, and some people only engage with you to ask for favors. They don't give anything in return and don't care about you; they focus solely on their needs and problems.


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Dramatic People

Dramatic People

Dramatic people see themselves as the main victim of every situation. Everything goes wrong, they suffer, and nobody helps them. Even the smallest things can become tragedies.

They view the world negatively and believe their lives are terrible, assuming they can't change anything.


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Angry People😡

Angry People😡

They can't control their anger and often yell at others because they struggle to control themselves. If they hurt you whenever they're angry, they are toxic individuals. Psychology shows a link between constant anger and depression, as well as how chronic anger can lead to hypertension, heart issues, and liver problems. These people need professional help, but they often fail to recognize it.


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I love reading and I am studying as much as I can. I'm developing a deep interest in psychology and in the functioning of our brain. I'm embarking on a psychological journey to get to know myself


It's important to know when a relationship is going to be unhealthy. Here are some interesting informations about people to avoid in your life.

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