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The AI Coming Wave

The AI Coming Wave

Mr Suleyman, one of the founders of Deepmind (now part of Google) argues AI will change anything:

  • it will reduce the price of achieving any goal. If the printing press allowed ordinary people to own books, and the silicon chip put a computer in every home, AI will democratise simply doing things.
  • it will accelerate biotech development in combination with technologies like Crispr. Organisms will soon be designed with the precision and scale of today’s computer chips & software.

Unfortunately, it also means engineering a run on a bank, or creating a deadly virus using a DNA synthesiser.


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AI Hyper Evolution

AI Hyper Evolution

AI is not like a regular innovation:

  1. AI is capable of recursively self-improving, with the improvements compounding after each new iteration.
  2.  AI is "general" purpose idea that scales with more compute. Like electricity, it’s a technology that does everything. It will permeate all aspect of our lives because of the benefits it brings, but what enables those benefits also enables harms.
  3. AI has “autonomy”. Unique among technologies so far in human history, AI has the potential to make decisions for itself.


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AI is more about Power than Intelligence

AI is more about Power than Intelligence

AI has a ton of risks but there is no way we can put the genie back into the bottle. The incentives are such that once out there every company or government will take advantage of this.

The AI is reducing the barriers to entry to exercise power. AI will create an explosion in power not necessarily an explosion of intelligence. 


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Artificially Capable Intelligence

The power of AI lays in what it can do not just in what in can say. With this in mind the focus on AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is a distraction. Mustafa Suleyman proposes the term ACI (Artificial Capable Intelligence) as a way to evaluate AI based on capabilities. Can it:

  • browse the web
  • make API calls
  • phone and speak with humans or AIs
  • etc…


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The alchemy of AI Power

The alchemy of AI Power

Artificial Intelligence is about the power coming from the:

  • Ability to take action
  • Ability to synthesise information
  • Ability to make predictions
  • Ability to affect the world around us

Everything around us is affected by intelligence. Scaling this capability haz enormous potential and risk. 


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Can AI be contained? The containment problem

Can AI be contained? The containment problem

We should be able to demonstrate to ourselves that the tech we are building is serving us. Tech should not be allowed to get out of control. 

"Containment" was once the byword for an American foreign policy aimed at limiting the Soviet Union's expansion. Suleyman does not see AI as a Soviet-style adversary, but thinks retaining human control of AI will require the same kind of long-range master plan as the Cold War.


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QA @deepstash "Fall down seven times, get up eight!"


'The Coming Wave' serves as an excellent guide for navigating unprecedented times. AI will change the way we work, communicate, learn, travel, and access health care. It's an incredibly exciting opportunity, but we have to proceed thoughtfully.

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