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'The Coming Wave' serves as an excellent guide for navigating unprecedented times. AI will change the way we work, communicate, learn, travel, and access health care. It's an incredibly exciting opportunity, but we have to proceed thoughtfully.

A new year brings new desires, dreams and inspirations. Creating a New Year’s resolution vision board is a powerful way to visualize all of the things you want to do, be and have in your life. It also serves as a daily reminder of your goals and is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

Whether you are dealing with too much work, lack of sleep, simple laziness or have lost your motivation, not being able to focus can set you back from your goals, both professional and personal. If you let yourself get carried away by your emotions, thoughts, anxiety or immediate pleasure, you will struggle with staying focused and getting things done.

Benzema Wins Ballon d’Or After Years of Waiting His Turn. Harshajit Sarmah nudged me on Linkedin about this and I published these quotes about it. Benzema is one of the best examples that age has no limits, and we can learn from him that if you have patience, age doesn't matter, what you deserve will happen sooner or later.

Life is a journey and becoming better every day is the goal. What other tips have you found useful for becoming a better person?

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