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Ways to communicate effectively, even if you’re introverted or shy

Ways to communicate effectively, even if you’re introverted or shy

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Set Yourself Small Communication Goals

Set Yourself Small Communication Goals

The first step to becoming a more effective communicator is to set yourself small daily communication goals. Think about what's holding you back and why you're driven to improve this skill. Then set yourself three small, achievable goals.

"Setting goals is linked with self-confidence, motivation, and autonomy", as outlined by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D. These goals will help you build your confidence in communication, which is key.

And be sure to write your communication goals down, as research finds that writing goals down makes you more likely to achieve them.


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Focus On Quality

Focus On Quality

When it comes to communication less is more. As outlined by Forbes , “Concise communication is more important now than ever before”. And research shows the best way to improve overall team communication is to focus on quality not quantity . Quality is key. 

There is such a thing as talking too much and it can lead to the message being lost and people not paying attention to the speaker.

In his book ‘Brief: Make A Bigger Impact By Saying Less’, author Joseph McCormack argues that in a world filled with noise, being concise helps your message more clear and more memorable. 


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Focus On Active Listening

Focus On Active Listening

Active listening is a key

Active listening is a skill that can be developed, like any other. It involves developing a whole host of communication skills “from learning how to read subtle cues to controlling your own emotional response” explains workplace expert, Amy Gallo

Most people listen to respond. Essentially everyone is just waiting for their turn to talk. Active listening helps you to listen to understand and then respond

Active listening makes it easy for you to contribute something valuable and meaningful because you’ve listened and understood the person you’re communicating with. 


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Clarify Your Thoughts Before the Meeting

Clarify Your Thoughts Before the Meeting

As outlined by VeryWell Mind , “introverts also tend to think before speaking. They want to have a full understanding of a concept before they voice an opinion or try to offer an explanation.” This shows you want to be clear on your message. And it’s a good thing. 

But, it means you’ve got to be a bit more prepared than your counterparts who are happy to react on the fly. Take some time to review the meeting agenda, and consider some possible talking points. Clarify your thoughts on the topic before the meeting and be ready to share.


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Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is a very powerful tool in effective communication. Benefits include:

  • Creates a connection with the listener.
  • Makes you more memorable and compelling.

Learning to hold eye contact is a skill. Although it might feel scary at first, with practice, you will master this skill and be well on your way to being an effective communicator.

As Tony Robbins &team say, "eye contact is the most important factor in nonverbal communication." It is a vital skill to master.

Start slowly by holding eye contact with friends& family, where you feel comfortable, and gradually add it to work conversations.


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