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The Unimaginable Future of Technology

The Unimaginable Future of Technology

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Speculating the Future Using The Past

Speculating the Future Using The Past

For futurologists, the modern social-scientific line of thought that speculates on the future, what the future holds can be predicted by what we see now.

We do not know what will happen in the future, but the past can paint a picture. In 1903, the Wright brothers invented the plane, but it took over 50 years before the first planes were commercialised.


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The Tipping Point of Technology

A pessimistic futurologist might suggest that perhaps technology may be coming up on its peak and cannot improve further.

Generations have speculated the next advancements that will be past their times, such as the myth of the flying car. Other very accurate speculations are related to the development of mass media. Recently, cloning has become a reality.


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The Technological Time Frame

The philosophical futurologist's perspective is that the rate of change for our technology has outpaced anything we could predict in the future.

In the past, the Greeks understood the very basics of chemistry, yet it took 5,000 years after that to develop the basic models of chemistry we now understand. In contrast, with our modern advancements, it took only 70 years from the invention of man-made flight to send humans to the moon and back.


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Misconceptions About the Future of Technology

Futurology skeptics who believe advancement is coming to an end do not consider the progress we are not yet able to understand.

DaVinci and Galileo may have contributed hugely to technological advancement in their times, but even they could not comprehend the future of today. Computing power could radically be improved through the invention of a quantum computer, and power generation could still face improvement.


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Technology And Philosophical Challenges

The industrial revolution sparked new and philosophical theories from people like Karl Marx, who tried to seek meaning in a new industrial-labor world. These philosophical revolutions may become more common as technology advances into the unimaginable.

With robotics and artificial intelligence, we may be required to accurately consider what makes us human. Massive industrialization will leave people without work, which leaves humans to consider what they ought to do with themselves.


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