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Multiculturalism in a diverse world: immigration and integration

Multiculturalism in a diverse world: immigration and integration

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Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.



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Reasons for emigrating 🗺 👣

Reasons for emigrating 🗺 👣

The reasons for emigration are as diverse as the people who do emigrate ...

Here are some examples for economic migration:

  • poverty
  • desire for better economic opportunities and improved living conditions

Other reasons for mass migration are:

  • environmental catastrophes
  • religious persecution
  • political oppression
  • (civil) war

As a consequence of these circumstances, people leave their former place in droves in search for liberty and safety.


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Different groups who come to other countries 👥️ 🌍

Different groups who come to other countries 👥️ 🌍

In times of an economic boom countries often recruit foreign workers:

  • e.g. when Germany 🇩🇪 hired "guest workers" in the 1950s
  • e.g. in the USA 🇺🇸 immigrants gave rise to the concept of the melting pot, where all ethnic identities were merged to the American one

Sadly, wars are not only a historical topic, but an actual problem in many areas worldwide. A few sample are:

  • PAST: After World War II Europe 🇪🇺 had to cope with millions of displaced people.
  • NOW: As a consequence of Russia's 🇷🇺 - or rather Putin's - war of aggression against Ukraine 🇺🇦 many citizens flee to Europe.


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Negative responses to immigration 😞

Negative responses to immigration 😞

Millions of people worldwide risk their lives illegally crossing borders because of circumstances beyond their control.

Many of them become victims of human traffickers who exploit their desperate situation. The dangerous passage to a new home frequently results in death, and the asylum seekers often face:

  • discrimination
  • racism
  • xenophobia
  • resentment

Anti-immigration groups claim that migrants ostensibly

  • are a drain on society
  • call for too many benefits
  • take jobs away from locals

But, these fears are not justified❗️


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Positive aspects of immigration ☺️

Positive aspects of immigration ☺️

It was already mentioned, that the ostensible opinions on immigration are not true. This is so, because immigrants:

  • pay more taxes than locals
  • are often well-educated in their countries of origin
  • tend to be young and healthy (advantageous for countries suffering from demographic problems like an ageing population with a shrinking workforce that has to support a growing number of pensioners)
  • bring needed professional skills

Immigration and migration in general:

  • broaden our horizons
  • enrich our culture
  • create an atmosphere of tolerance
  • new cultural specialties become part of a local identity of a city


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Establishing an open pluralistic multicultural environment 🫶🫂

Establishing an open pluralistic multicultural environment 🫶🫂

Last but not least, I would like to point out some ideas for ensuring ethnic diversity which is an asset for every country.

Here are some tips for promoting multiculturalism:

  • learning about each other through social communication and socialising
  • encouraging open discussions
  • incorporating multicultural ideas
  • organising cultural exchange programs
  • promoting cross-cultural understanding and friendships
  • ensuring bilingual education
  • education people about cultural misconceptions and prejudices
  • highlighting positive contributions
  • advocating for policies
  • addressing systemic inequalities
  • collaborations
  • ...


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In diversity, there is beauty and there is strength.



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19 years old I am just striving to be more than I have ever been. Spread love wherever you go! ❤️ languages: German 🇩🇪, Polish 🇵🇱, English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸


Have you ever thought of emigrating? Because many people do so or are even pretty much forced to do so. Thus, the question arises, how we can face the worldwide phenomenon of migration. 🌐👣🌍

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