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“The Creative Mindset is a state of mind – a way of thinking, a way of seeing opportunities to sprinkle creativity into ordinary practices.”



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The Mindset Results From Mastering Six Concrete Skills

The Mindset Results From Mastering Six Concrete Skills

  1. Clarify – The ability to identify a problem or challenge worth tackling
  2. Replicate – The ability to place existing things in a new context
  3. Elaborate – The ability to link seemingly disparate things to create something novel
  4. Associate – The ability to use analogous thinking to problem-solve
  5. Translate – The ability to convey your vision to others
  6. Evaluate – The ability to choose the best idea


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Mission Statement for Project Change

Mission Statement for Project Change

Before getting creative, understand what changes are needed and why they are important. Clearly define the project's mission statement, outlining the participants, location, and impact.

  • Identify specific changes and reasons for change
  • Create a mission statement that includes project details
  • State who and how the project will occur
  • Explain the significance of the project

This will help guide the change process and ensure everyone is on the same page. 💡


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Get Inspiration by Exploring New Places and Opening Your Mind

Get Inspiration by Exploring New Places and Opening Your Mind

Finding new sources of inspiration can be as simple as stepping outside of your comfort zone. Try these tips:

  1. Explore new locations or view familiar places from a new perspective
  2. Engage with people who have different viewpoints than your own
  3. Draw inspiration from the beauty of the world around you

Don't be afraid to get out of your routine and see things in a new light. It can lead to surprising and exciting inspiration. 🌎


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Work on Your Elaboration Skills in Three Simple Ways:

Work on Your Elaboration Skills in Three Simple Ways:

  • Try Word Association - Pick a Collection of Random Words from a Dictionary and Connect Your Project to Each Word.
  • SCAMPER - Ask Six Questions about the Challenge You Face and Use Your Responses to Generate New Ideas: Can You Substitute? Combine? Adapt? Magnify? Eliminate? Reverse? Put to Other Uses?
  • Employ Lateral Thinking - Leverage Edward de Bono's Approach and Consider Your Problem in Six Distinct Ways: Objectives (Processes); Information (Facts); Emotions (Intuition); Judgment (Critical Thinking); Optimism (Encouragement); and Creativity (New Possibilities).


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The Power of Association

The Power of Association

A strong association is like a bridge that connects ideas and creates something greater than its parts.

  • It helps identify problems by finding links between various concepts, leading to new perspectives.
  • Synthesis is made possible by association, bringing together different elements to create something unique.
🌉 Association creates innovative solutions. 🚀


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Crafting Compelling Stories: Tips for Success

Crafting Compelling Stories: Tips for Success

To improve your storytelling skills and captivate your audience, try implementing these techniques:

  1. Create a storyboard - Use visuals to outline the key elements of your story's plot.
  2. Morphologies can help - Study how things are built and transformed to make your narrative more impactful.
  3. Run scenarios - Anticipate how changes in society, economy, politics, and technology could impact the issue you're addressing.

By incorporating these strategies, you can make your vision compelling and memorable!


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Pick Winning Ideas

Pick Winning Ideas

Challenge yourself to come up with unique and buzzworthy ideas to disrupt the market, attract customers, and unlock new potential.

  • Generate out-of-the-box concepts
  • Brainstorm innovative solutions


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Using Creative Skills for Aha! Moments

Using Creative Skills for Aha! Moments

To have a breakthrough, combine six creative skills in any order. There is no "right" way; use the skills that work best for you.

🧠 There are no rules for combining the six creative skills, so experiment and find what works for you.

🎨 The six skills are:

  • imagine: generate new ideas
  • reframe: look at things differently
  • connect: see relationships between ideas
  • evaluate: assess ideas critically
  • act: turn ideas into action
  • read: research and gather information

🔑 By combining these skills, you can reach aha! moments that can lead to breakthroughs in your project or challenge.


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