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How I learn hard skills quickly

How I learn hard skills quickly

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Neural Memory

Neural Memory

We use neural memory to remember everything. To build neural memory we need to build plasticity in our brain. Plasticity is formed when we commit errors.

Errors are a very essential part of learning something. That’s why I recommend that before you watch an hour long tutorial,

  • you should start a project that motivated you to learn the skill
  • learn along the way as you build your project
  • make errors to build plasticity
  • and then search for a tutorial to do that specific thing


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You might get frustrated while building the project because you don’t know anything and it looks hard but it eventually gets easy.

Andrew Huberman recommends getting frustrated because then, when you overcome the frustration, dopamine is released in your brain which gives a sense of accomplishment, which then drives you to do more.


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Sleeps & Naps

Sleeps & Naps

Andrew Huberman also recommends taking a nap for 20 minutes after learning which helps the neurons register information in our brain.

If you aren’t a napping person like me, then you should get a good night deep sleep. I sleep around 9 hours and that fits with me. It’s different with every person.

Taking a 10 sec gap while staring at something and completely emptying your mind, with irregular intervals of about 50–60 will help boost your learning process.


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20 Hour Rule

20 Hour Rule

The 20 hour rule states that to get better at 80% of the people at that skill, you only need the first 20 hours.

In that 20 hours you should learn using the Pareto’s principle which states that 80% of the results can be achieved by 20% of the work.


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It is also recommended to make a roadmap before you start learning. And from that roadmap, you should do the 20% of the work.

This is the most crucial step. I made the mistake of thinking I know what to do but I kept switching from one path to another.


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Over the past week, I managed to learn thumbnail designing, which was a really hard skill for me because I suck at designing. But I managed to learn a skill I was afraid of in under a week. We’ll explore how I did just that

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