After This You'll Change How You Do Everything! - Tony Robbins - Deepstash
After This You'll Change How You Do Everything! - Tony Robbins

After This You'll Change How You Do Everything! - Tony Robbins

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🌟 Key Areas to Focus On

🌟 Key Areas to Focus On

• Health and Vitality: Your physical health is fundamental; without it, nothing else matters.

• Emotional Mastery: Emotions shape your experience. Mastering your emotions is essential.

• Relationships: Intimate relationships are crucial for joy and fulfillment.

• Time Management: Value and manage your time effectively to enhance your quality of life.

• Career and Business: Focus on mastering your career and business rather than struggling.

• Financial Mastery: Achieve financial stability to live without stress and be generous.

• Spiritual Growth: Personal growth and contribution are vital


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🔍 Insights Based on Numbers

🔍 Insights Based on Numbers

• Business Success Rates: 96% of businesses fail within ten years. Only 4% survive, and not all are profitable.

• Global Reach: Robbins mentions encountering similar human needs across 100 countries.

• Human Needs: Everyone shares six core needs: certainty, variety, significance, love, growth, and contribution.

• World Problems: Robbins highlights that two-thirds of the planet lives on $2 a day.


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🧠 Mindset and Beliefs

🧠 Mindset and Beliefs

• Moment-to-Moment State: Your current state influences your reactions and decisions.

• Worldview: Long-term states are controlled by how you perceive the world.

• Decision Power: Your choices, especially about what to focus on and believe, significantly impact your life.


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💡 Art vs. Science

💡 Art vs. Science

• Science of Achievement: Follow certain steps to achieve success, whether in making money or maintaining health.

• Art of Fulfillment: Fulfillment is unique and personal, not a one-size-fits-all formula.


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🔄 Transforming Suffering

🔄 Transforming Suffering

• Shift Focus: To overcome suffering, shift your focus to something greater than yourself.

• Decide to Live Beautifully: Choose to live in a state of beauty and appreciation regardless of circumstances.

• Expectation vs. Gratitude: Replace expectations with gratitude to find joy in the present moment.


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🌍 Universal Truths

🌍 Universal Truths

• Happiness in Simplicity: True happiness can be found in simple, fulfilling lives, as seen in the Fijian villagers’ example.

• Material Wealth vs. True Wealth: Real wealth comes from a state of well-being and happiness, not just financial abundance.


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Tony Robbins shares strategies for improving health, emotions, relationships, time management, career, finances, and spiritual growth. He emphasizes practical approaches, mindset shifts, and universal human needs.

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