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What is the best cover for the articles

What is the best cover for the articles

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Cover is a Trigger

Cover is a Trigger

A cover is the main picture that will be shown on social media, in snippets, and in the sections of the site. So, the first thing your reader will see is the cover, and then they will see the headline, lead, and so on. 

You should not make it boring and generic. Think about it – make it brighter and smarter. Take the time to work with this illustration. 


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7 Ways to Create an Eye-Catching Article Cover

7 Ways to Create an Eye-Catching Article Cover

  1. Use the object. This could be a screenshot, photo, or illustration.
  2. A metaphor. In this article, we will use a spider as an example.
  3. Show faces. Celebrity, blogger or young woman. 
  4. Evoke emotions. Incorporate memes, humor, or sex into the cover design. However, be thoughtful and strategic in your approach
  5. Intrigue. Use a spoiler or citation.
  6. Information. Try a infographic or use a headline 
  7. Animation. For the most important articles. 


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Cover Rules

Cover Rules

  • Try to brand your images to help people recognize you and stand out from the crowd.
  • Remember to consider size. It is better to use horizontal images with a 1:2 ratio.
  • Add margins to your images, ensuring that the main object is centered.
  • Check your presence on social media.
  • Do not violate author's rights.
  • Be inspired. Look through the internet for the best advertisement and article decisions.


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