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Envy - A Warning To Know Our True Ambitions

Envy - A Warning To Know Our True Ambitions

If we could learn to handle our envy correctly, if we think it through with sympathy and skill, then it could play a key role in alerting us to what we genuinely want. Envious thinking can be the gateway to deeper self-knowledge and a profound understanding of our underlying ambitions.


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Think What Makes You Envious

Think What Makes You Envious

We feel envy when someone else has access to an area of happiness that eludes us. The natural response to this feeling is shame; we feel we lack the generosity of spirit to celebrate their achievement. Perhaps we feel guilty for not sufficiently appreciating the lot we have. Yet envy, while uncomfortable, provides us with a message from confused but important parts of our personality about what we should be doing.


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Act On The Emotion?

Act On The Emotion?

Instead of trying to repress our envy, we should examine it. Each person we envy is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is our future. There is a portrait of a ‘true self’ waiting to be assembled out of the envious hints we receive when we turn the pages of a newspaper or hear updates about the successes of old school friends or witness a friend’s excitement about a new career move. We should calmly ask one essential and redemptive question of all those we envy: ‘What could I learn about here?’


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How Can the infamous emotion, 'Envy', be our friend?

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