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Quora is a website where you can ask and answer questions from other users while still remaining anonymous. It covers a wide range of topics and connects you with like-minded individuals and pages. Essentially, it is like a mini Google where all the information you need is at your fingertips. 🔎

Want to learn new things or share your knowledge? 🧠 Join Quora today and explore the diverse world of questions and answers! 💬


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At Medium, you can explore a variety of topics and discover new voices and ideas. Our open platform allows experts and young writers alike to share their thoughts and writing with readers.

With Medium, you can count on finding dynamic thinking and a diverse range of perspectives. Whether you're looking for the latest news, weird stuff or seeking insights on a particular interest, Medium has something for you.

You can also use the audio function to listen if you don’t want read


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Well, you are here 😁, reading this, which means you have already discovered the Deepstash app. And isn't it great? I know it is.


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Ted Talks

Ted Talks

We most have heard or come across a Ted talk. It’s interesting and interactive interface is cool. A 5 to 10mins talk about whatever seems to give a timeless and endless insight into almost everything.

What we probably don’t know is Ted talks have not died off. There are hundreds of amazing talks taking place in lots of locations.

You should try to check the app and discover great and amazing talks today. The app offers a just listening function so it’s like listening to a podcast or an audio book


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The fact that there is an update almost every week to the pinterest app says alot about the huge database gathered.

This app is not new. It only gets better. It’s alot of apps in 1. You learn, have fun and enjoy a scintillating browse through pinterest.

As the name implies. You pin your ideas in a file like manner and can go through them anytime you want. From getting quotes to food recipes, learning style to getting inspirations on decorating your homes. DIY. Etc. Download Pinterest today and discover the magic of quality content


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Life is a series of choices. And your choices have consequences.


Sometimes we get bored not because we don’t have things to do but perhaps we don’t really enjoy the things we have been doing. And sometimes it’s our subconscious mind telling us to try something new. If you haven’t already, give your mind new perspectives with any of these apps

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