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follow your passion

follow your passion

you don’t find your passion, your passion finds you.

the only way to attract your passion is to experiment with different things that interest you.

try different things in the areas that appeal to you. and slowly develop all the necessary skills that you can combine into your business or a project in the future.

you’ll never regret trying, but you might regret not trying.


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start journaling

start journaling

write down your thoughts, ideas and feelings when you are pursuing a specific goal.

after you’ve experimented with different kinds of things, you’ll notice a pattern, and you’ll be able to forge a new path from it.

time is not wasted in doing the wrong things, but in doing nothing. what you are promised you’ll get.


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"My heart is calm because I know that what I miss will never be my destiny and what is destined for me will never miss me."



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trust your gut

trust your gut

our subconscious mind is very powerful. it has the power for healing, destroying and creating reality.

the 'gut feeling' is a signal from subconscious mind to do the thing that aligns with your inner chemistry and the actions you take.

do what you love, do as your heart says.

don't trust the mind, because it can rationalize any decision you take.

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Writer | Content Creator | Physics Lover | Programmer | Muslim


Most people sit in their room waiting for their purpose to come to them. They want to work on their passion, but they don’t know what it is yet.

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