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3 tips on how to study effectively

3 tips on how to study effectively

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How the brain stores information

How the brain stores information

Our brains store information by temporarily encoding it in groups of neurons. As we study, these neurons are repeatedly reactivated, strengthening connections and resulting in long-term memory.

As we recall the information, our long-term memory can be updated, strengthened, and interconnected with other information.


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Tip #1: Test yourself with flashcards

Tip #1: Test yourself with flashcards

Testing ourselves with flashcards and quizzes forces us to actively retrieve knowledge, which updates and strengthens information.

As we rack our brains for an answer, we activate relevant pieces of knowledge. Then, when the correct answer is revealed, our brains can better integrate it with what we already know.


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Tip #2: Mix the Deck

Tip #2: Mix the Deck

When using flashcards, it's best to mix the deck with multiple subjects. Mixing the concepts we focus on in a single session will lead to better retention compared to practicing a single topic.

Cycling through different subjects forces our brains to temporarily forget, then retrieve information, further strengthening our memory.


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Tip #3: Spacing

Tip #3: Spacing

Spacing reviews across multiple days allows for rest and sleep between sessions. While "offline", our brains are actively at work storing and integrating knowledge.


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Explore how the brain learns and stores information, and find out how to apply this for more effective study techniques.

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