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Field Guide to The Contrarian

Field Guide to The Contrarian
Contrarians don't care what you think.


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Being a Contrarian

Being a Contrarian

Contrarians are the ones who take the opposite view of things and usually shun conventional wisdom.

While most of us conform to society’s norms and are usually penalized for displaying any form of resistance, the contrarians have their own unique philosophies of life and repel the wisdom of the crowd.



Contrarian: Traits And Qualities

Various factors go into the genesis of a contrarian:

  • The need to establish an identity by standing apart from others.
  • Childhood trauma, like a divorce in the family.
  • Seeking attention by displaying defiance.
  • A high level of IQ
  • Highly creative abilities.

Contrarians are the rebels and are unusually certain about their divergent views. They reject the status quo and are not concerned about social graces.


Fighting For A Cause You Believe In

Contrarians are the wild preachers of the social circle, proclaiming that they have figured out the world. Famous contrarians, like Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi risked going against popular opinion and gathered a mass following while defending the causes that they believed in.

To be a hero, one has to move away from the collective whole and take solitary action.



Creative Thinking is a habit

Creative people are creative, not as a result of any particular inborn trait, rather, but rather through an attitude toward life. They habitually respond to problems in fresh and novel ways...

3 basic factors

  • opportunities to engage in it, 
  • encouragement to go after such opportunities, 
  • and rewards for doing so.

Creativity is no different from any other habit, good or bad.

Creative people do this habitually

  • Look for ways to see problems that other people don’t.
  • Take risks that other people are afraid to take.
  • Have the courage to defy the crowd and to stand up for their own beliefs.
  • Seek to overcome obstacles and challenges to their views that other people give in to.

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