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What Should Truly Motivate Us at Work

What Should Truly Motivate Us at Work

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How We Choose Our Jobs

How We Choose Our Jobs

While choosing our career path, we should normally look for the kind of work we enjoy doing, and that pays us enough to meet our needs. Our real-world needs make us pursue a job that:

  1. Pays a lot and sounds impressive to others.
  2. Gives us autonomy and control, where we are not a ‘puppet’ of some higher-up.
  3. Provides us with fame, honour and respect in society.


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Giving The Impression That We Have An Awesome Job

We have additional pressure towards the kind of work we do, a psychological drive to be powerful, well-known (to people we do not know ourselves) and impressive to others.

The pressures of society and the constant need to prove oneself restrict our every move, and we cannot be truly free to do what we want to do, as any miscalculation, failure or loss will result in a public embarrassment.


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Doing What We Love

  • A child does not yet have the pressures and demands of society jamming inside the head all the time.
  • Like a child who just does what he or she loves to do and does not have to prove anything to others, we need to find an ‘Adult Love’ inside us.
  • We need to let go of our ego, pride, insecurities and rekindle the experience of love.


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Love and Success

When one is loved and cared for, the person feels content, secure and rooted.

We are no longer at the mercy of society to tell us to work harder or to earn a certain amount. Being loved makes us enjoy the simple pleasures of life without the need to constantly prove oneself and accumulate materialistic toys to impress others.


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