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Choral singing makes people happy

The most popular arts-related participatory activity in the United States is choral singing. The group activity seems to stand out for this reason: Singing has some effects that other participatory activities don't.

Choral singing makes people happy. In songbirds, a male singing to a female activates the pleasure centre of the male's brain. Scientists found that the effect of singing on birds' brains is similar to the effect of addictive drugs on human brains. But the effect doesn't happen when singing alone.

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Self Improvement

Research on happiness

Most people want to live a happier life. But happiness is not easy to achieve despite the many proposed formulas: Get enough sleep. Exercise. Meditate. Help others. While they are linked to happiness, they don't work for everyone.

Researchers have turned to smartphones to try and understand happiness better. Thousand of people have contributed to The Happiness Project, a smartphone app that tracks happiness.

Why We Like What We Like: How Our Taste Is Shaped

Our genes, along with culture, curiosity and social instincts shape our tastes. And an overlooked factor that shapes our experience is our expectations.

Taste becomes highly subjective, and the same wine can taste different if labelled as a highly priced one, and can taste generic if labelled as a cheap wine.

The Edge Of Uncertainty
  • Most people do not like to be in uncertain situations.
  • Instead of an uncomfortable conversation, we would like to let the bad situation be as it is.
  • Instead of doing something challenging and creative, we would rather be obscure.
  • When things overwhelm us, we would like a simple, quiet way to deal with troubling matters.

We need to come towards the edge of uncertainty, the place we don’t like much, but which is full of growth, learning, creating and inventing. It is here when we toil that we find meaning, intimacy, beauty, love and vulnerability.

The inner voice

The silent conversations that people have with themselves influence how they live their lives. Some people benefit from internal dialogues, while others fall apart.

When we experience distress, research shows that introspection can do more harm than good. Introspection gives rise to negative cycles with potentially grave consequences for our mental and physical health. The ability to step back and reflect can help to get some perspective.

Travelling can help enhance your life
  • Discover yourself:  It leads you on to that path of self-discovery about what your strengths and weaknesses may be.
  • Appreciation: you appreciate even the most seemingly inconsequential things in life, which we all take for granted.
  • Opens your mind: It enables you to learn new cultures, new ways of life and new simplicities.
  • Meet new people. You will learn to break down the barriers and communicate.
  • Develop new skills: decision-making skills, learn to communicate better, improve your social skills and organisational skills.
Happier, Smarter, Emotionally Aware

Regular doses of creativity help us attain the countless health benefits and live better, more fulfilling lives.

Incorporating creativity into one’s routine helps us become happier and smarter while being emotionally aware and grounded.

Mummies and the  "curse" concept

Movie mummies are known for riches and a nasty curse. However, Hollywood didn't invent the curse concept.

  • Egyptologist Dominic Montserrat believed that a lively stage show in which real Egyptian mummies were unwrapped inspired writers to pen tales of mummy revenge.
  • Egyptologist Salima Ikram believes the curse concept did exist in ancient Egypt as part of a primitive security system. Some early non-pyramid tomb walls (mastaba) in Giza and Saqqara were inscribed with curses meant to terrify those who would desecrate the resting place.
How We Choose Our Jobs

While choosing our career path, we should normally look for the kind of work we enjoy doing, and that pays us enough to meet our needs. Our real-world needs make us pursue a job that:

  1. Pays a lot and sounds impressive to others.
  2. Gives us autonomy and control, where we are not a ‘puppet’ of some higher-up.
  3. Provides us with fame, honour and respect in society.

Grumpiness can be defined as a bad mood that tends to last from several hours to a few days.

What we can not really explain is why we are grumpy: there is usually no reason which we can blame this mood for.


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