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Career Switchers: Stop Waiting To Be Chosen

Career Switchers: Stop Waiting To Be Chosen


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Traditional career paths

They are now fading, giving way to portfolio careers, hybrid roles, gigs, and virtual arrangements.

This is causing frustration for job seekers who are pursuing unconventional job changes, while following conventional job search steps, such as applying online and waiting for a company to re...

In this ever-changing marketplace, chances are you’ll never feel 100% prepared. 

If your next step is unclear, the best way to find clarity is to move forward. Your view of the situation and potential solutions will be clearer when you're in the middle of it rather than when you’re on the o...

Pay attention to those activities that feel scary - they're usually your next stretch goal waiting to be tackled.

You might make mistakes, but your other option is to do nothing and remain stagnant.

When things go smoothly, there is little opportunity for learning. 

Challenges and mistakes are your built-in lessons, and if you’re not making them, you’re likely not stretching yourself enough.

Resist comparing your start to someone else's peak as it will only shake your confidence.

Track the evolution of your own path - when you compare your current state to your beginning state, you’ll see progress worth celebrating.

It’s tempting to avoid feeling vulnerable or to worry how others will react, but being closed off-limits opportunities and inhibits progress. 

When you decide to make a career switch on your own terms, there will be highs and lows, and moments of clarity followed by clouds of doubt. 

Expect this, and it will feel like a part of the ride versus a dead-end.

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