Positive Resilience And Psychological Distress
  • Positive Resilience is the ability to remain hopeful and upbeat during a crisis. If during a pandemic, a person still has positive experiences, like doing things that are enjoyable, then the person is positively resilient.
  • Psychological distress is the level of disruption in one’s psychological state of mind, and how irritated, depressed, or anxious one feels.
  • Those who had seen a lot of pandemic films reported feeling more prepared when the real thing happened.


Horror Fans Have More Fun During a Pandemic


Frightening fiction provides a safe way to learn how to deal with fear and anxiety.

Anything that is feared, can be tackled with knowledge. Fear during a global crisis generally arises due to lack of knowledge on how to deal with the situation. Helplessness and uncertainty give rise to the feelings of doom and gloom. The way to tackle this is to be completely informed about the situation, and be ‘apocalypse ready’.


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