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The Easter Celebration

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Diets are based on less

The whole concept of a diet is backwards, because in most cases, what society thinks of as a "diet" is based on the idea of less.

The idea of deprivation, ingrained in many diets, gives us control over a situation in the short term. It doesn't become a habit,  and 10 days — maybe two weeks — later, we see that deprivation rebound when self-control finally dwindles.


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How to stick to a diet

Make small but sustainable changes, stay away from anything extreme, and build up small changes over time. 

Most people would rather have a horrible 10 days of a raw, low-carb, no salt, no sugar, no water diet and return to their old habits than really have to address that $150 Frappuccino bill they're racking up each month.


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Make a slow change

  • Instead of jumping straight to a vegan diet, commit to two handfuls of veggies at every dinner meal, at least three days a week first. The slower change will make it more likely to last.
  • Instead of a 21-day sugar "cleanse," try to slowly wean yourself off of all six pumps of vanilla in your 'breakfast latte' and eventually, make yourself some eggs at home.
  • Instead of jumping on the paleo diet trend, just clean out all the processed and packaged snacks and replace them with sliced carrots, celery, and bell peppers.


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"What is called genius is the abundance of life and health." - Thoreau

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