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The Meaning Of ‘Kafkaesque’ Is About More Than Just Pointless Bureaucracy And Giant Insects

The Meaning Of ‘Kafkaesque’ Is About More Than Just Pointless Bureaucracy And Giant Insects


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The Meaning Of Kafkaesque

The Meaning Of Kafkaesque

Franz Kafka, the German novelist who wrote the classic ‘Metamorphosis’ unintentionally made famous the word Kafkaesque, which is simply a situation so absurd, ironic and painfully bureaucratic (and unfair at the same time) that it borders on hilarity.




Bureaucratic Insanity

There is a great amount of frustration that goes into any situation that is truly Kafkaesque, like fighting against a system where no matter how hard you pull and push, you will keep sinking deep into the abyss, the swamp which does not care about your interests or even your very existence.

The many examples in the author’s works seem to suggest that bureaucracy does not exist to serve justice or to help anyone, but only to grow its own tentacles.




A Toxic Relationship

A Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is akin to an unproductive pattern, the kind that involves the same disagreements again and again with no satisfactory resolution. The issues eventually start to feel unresolva...

How the Pattern Started

It can be useful to look at your own behavior in your relationships. Look at the role you usually play across all types of relationships.

Look at the early relationships you saw in your family, how you communicated your needs, and how your needs were met. It can reveal how you might relate to others now.

If someone in your early life was manipulative and you learned to doubt them, you may doubt other people, too.

Own Your Role

Once you've identified the pattern, be accountable for your part. It is more than just apologizing. Own your role and then change your behavior. How could you do it differently?

The more responsibility you take for your part in your relationships, the more likely you are to recognize and make necessary changes.

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Nostalgia Reloaded

Nostalgia Reloaded

Pop culture, be it movies, music or TV series, is increasingly and blatantly relying on the past, and using our feeling of the longing of the past, our nostalgia, to bait us into watching or liking...

Back To The Future

The 1960s and the 70s saw imaginative ‘future’ oriented shows like Star Trek TOS, animated series like the Jetsons, and groundbreaking science fiction stories by gifted writers, most of which turned into blockbuster movies.

The world, which was looking forward at that time, is now increasingly looking backwards.

The Nostalgia Paradox

The feeling of nostalgia should be high when the present is unpleasant, but this isn't what is happening.

Today’s world offers infinitely better technology, information, and comfort than in the past. We have better civil rights, liberty, and greater opportunities(and options) for a successful life. Still, we hanker for the past, making this a Nostalgia Paradox.