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The Deliberate Experiment Rule: Improving Life Through Experimentation

The Deliberate Experiment Rule: Improving Life Through Experimentation

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A Scientific Approach To Life

A Scientific Approach To Life

Our entire life is an experiment, where we are pursuing our goals and finding out what works and what does not.

A scientific, experimentative approach to life leads us to acquire what we want in life, to build good habits, improve our relationships and become a better version of ourselves.


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Deliberate Experimentation

The more we experiment, the more avenues open up to learning new techniques, principles and skills that contribute to our self-growth, and help us make a real breakthrough.

Deliberate experiments can be time and money intensive, can help us with incremental changes or can put us in an entirely new paradigm of self-evolution.


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Experimentation: Breaking The Linear Growth Curve

Mainstream knowledge, expertise, skills and techniques have a linear curve towards growth and success. Experimentation breaks the curve and provides us with an exponential success curve, something that is not possible with the path everyone else is taking.

Many great personalities like Thomas Edison, Picasso and Da Vinci were ‘life-experimenters’ who were always trying something new and hence were the reason for disruptive inventions and some of the most loved creations.


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We Have The Potential To Do Extraordinary Things

  • Greatness and the ability to be extraordinary isn’t limited to a chosen few, and we all can increase our deliberate experiments and increase our odds of infinite success in a significant way.
  • The creator of Nike, Phil Knight talks about experimenting with your crazy ideas and keep going, not being stopped by rules and regulations and acceptability.
  • Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, talks about taking the ‘bet’ on life every time, and even with a 10 per cent chance of success, you are going to do well.


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