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Is Playing It Safe Holding You Back? Four Risks You Need to Take

Is Playing It Safe Holding You Back? Four Risks You Need to Take

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Risk awkward conversations

Risk awkward conversations

We are apt to choose the path of safety instead of speaking about issues that worry us. We do not address the problems and fail to influence a change or produce results.

Risk the difficult conversations and speak up.


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Challenge assumptions

Challenge assumptions

The world is changing fast. Holding on to the ideas of yesterday can prevent you from achieving success tomorrow.

Be willing to step away from the old assumptions into a place of not knowing. This will leave room to acquire new knowledge to move to a place you truly want to go.


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Risk rejection

If all you do is conform, that is all you have to offer.

To set yourself apart, be willing to walk your own path and do what you expect of yourself versus what others expect of you.


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Risk imperfect decisions

As we start to reach success, we become more cautious and less willing to take risks. 

Sticking with the status quo is a decision. Waiting until you have all the information will cripple you. Sometimes you have to trust your instinct and move into uncertainty.


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"I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it." -Frank Howard Clark

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