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The Concept of Voluntary Poverty

The Concept of Voluntary Poverty

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The Never-Ending Anxiety Of Making Money

The Never-Ending Anxiety Of Making Money

Modern life is filled with the never-ending anxiety of making money. Our approach right from the school days is to earn money and accumulate the things required in society.

It is a powerful cultural force that makes us accumulate stuff, and is not as practical as it is emotionally and psychologically significant. A failure to make money is considered irresponsible, and a poor person who is not earning is shunned in today’s society.


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Voluntary Poverty: Forgoing The Pursuit Of Wealth

Voluntary Poverty: Forgoing The Pursuit Of Wealth

History shows us plenty of examples of people pursuing goals that are not towards earning wealth.

The Roman statesman Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus had a successful public career but made no money, even though he came from an impoverished family. There are many such examples from India, where learned and creative individuals chose to live an impoverished life.


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Our Preoccupation With Money

Chasing money is in a way proof that one hasn’t found the real reason for being alive. We haven’t identified a passion that could replace the concept of earning a livelihood from our minds. Wealth is tied to prestige, respect and social status and the thought of becoming untethered from our ‘network’ is a thought akin to dying.

If we focus our lives on what matters to us authentically, then we will fall out of this romance with dollar bills, and get into our passions, which require little or no money.


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"Money does not guarantee success." ~ Jose Mourinho

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