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The Science of Nerdiness

The Science of Nerdiness


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The Science of Nerdiness

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Why some like learning something new

If you get excited by the possibility of learning something new and complex, and you get intrigued by nuance and imaginative scenarios you may have an influx of dopamine in your synapses.

Dopamine is often labelled the "feel-good molecule". However, this is a misconception. Dopamine's primary role is to make us want things, not necessarily like things. It is an energising force, motivating us to explore.


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Much research on dopamine has been done about its role to desire an "appetitive" reward, such as chocolate, social attention, or gambling. However, people who score high in the tendency toward exploration are prone to find their reward in information, not so much in money or drugs.

If some or all of these statements describe you, you may be highly sensitive to the reward value of information:

  • I love spending time reflecting on things.
  • I am full of ideas.
  • I have a vivid imagination.
  • I am interested in abstract ideas.
  • I am curious about many different things.


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