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There Are Two Ways to Read - One Is Useless

There Are Two Ways to Read - One Is Useless

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Books are Thoughts Immortalized

Books are Thoughts Immortalized

A Book is one of the most powerful inventions as through them thoughts time travel.

Books provide us with stories and thoughts of people long dead, immortalizing them in the process.


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Books transcend Time and Space

Books transcend Time and Space

Whether it is Aristotle, Kepler, Newton or Darwin, we talk about them, and discuss their works because of the written word, left behind, escaping the boundaries of time and space.


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The Wisdom of the Past

The Wisdom of the Past

There is deep wisdom in the past, letting one discover, connect and gain inspiration from a reservoir of information.

Almost everything important and valuable has its roots in the invention of the written word.


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Reading the Right Way

Reading the Right Way

Reading in schools and colleges have been confined to reading to pass exams or to solve a purpose, creating a specific, goal-oriented mindset.

When we read for the joy of reading, with an open mind, the books start to reveal themselves.

Reading is not limited to extracting Right or Wrong based on our current mindset but can be used to expand the same.


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A Thousand Lives

A Thousand Lives

reader lives a thousand lives before he dies; The man who never reads lives only one.

George R. R. Martin 

from A Dance with Dragons


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Whenever I have a problem I just sing, then I realize my voice is worse than my problem

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