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8 CEOs on books they read in a crisis

8 CEOs on books they read in a crisis



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In her book, 'Superbetter', the author Jane McGonigal, teaches us all a valuable lesson on how to overcome obstacles while having a gamer's mindset, as she is herself a game designer.

The black swan

In his book, Nassim Nicholas Taleb provides an insight into how crisis events occur, enabling the reader to reach a better understanding of the topic while empathizing and communicating more efficiently with the others.

The sirens of Titan

Kurt Vonnegut, well-known for his black comedy, debates over existential questions in regards to free will, destiny, and the meaning of life. 

 This is exactly the kind of lecture one needs in order to get his mind off what is happening around.

The end is always near

In his book, Dan Carlin takes us back in time, reminding us of why history must be cherished, in order to better understand the present. 

Although the current times are extremely challenging, the world has already seen worse days.

The secrets of highly successful groups

Daniel Coyle presents, within the pages of his book, the influence of culture on the different types of organizations, from companies to sports teams. 

The company culture is maybe the most significant element when it comes to identifying the culture.

Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim: Blue ocean strategy

When reading this captivating book, you are bound to improve your self-confidence, as it teaches you how to handle competition, instead of fearing it. 

The main idea is that you can actually create new space within current markets and, therefore, make that competition irrelevant.

Ben Horowitz: The hard thing about hard things

This amazing story teaches company founders everything from leading their company at different times to changing the workforce. 

It is known to be a 'brilliant story of resilience and determination', as CEO Kirill Bigai, once said.

Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less

In his book, Greg McKeown draws everybody's attention to the process of reexamining the notion of what is most essential to each of our lives. 

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