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Slowing an epidemic starts with you

Slowing an epidemic starts with you


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Slowing an epidemic starts with you

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Cleaning hands

Studies show that improving handwashing at 10 of the world’s leading airports could slow the spread of infectious diseases.

On average, only 20 percent of people in airports have clean hands - hands washed with soap and water, not just rinsed. The other 80 percent are potentially contaminating everything they touch, from chair armrests, check-in kiosks, security checkpoint trays, and restroom doorknobs and faucets.


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Focussing on the handwashing message at the most significant 10 airports in the world could reduce the spread of disease significantly at a global level (potentially by almost 70 percent).
Even small improvements in hygiene could make a huge difference. This could potentially be achieved through education, awareness, social-media nudges, public announcements and improved access to handwashing facilities.


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