How to save more money, according to your financial personality - Deepstash

There are five different types of financial personalities, each of them having their own set of values and outlook towards money:

  • The Big Spenders: The ones who place a high value in their possessions, and identify their worth with the things they can buy, at any cost.
  • The Savers: The conservative spenders who don’t view spending their money as a worthwhile activity. They don’t take big risks on investments, preferring to save.
  • The Shoppers: These are the emotional and habitual spenders, always wanting to spend money on things they might not even need.
  • The Debtors: These are the unemotional spenders who do not care about how much money they have, usually spending more than they can afford to.
  • The Investors: The investors are consciously aware of their finances, and invest with an eye towards the future. They have impeccable spending habits and a good credit score.



After you have figured out your financial personality, here are a few tips to save money:

  • Big Spenders need to consider fun alternatives to the high-purchases with things that cost little but bring real quality and happiness and lead to savings.
  • Savers need to start living their lives, and not live in misery in the present, just for some future security.
  • Shoppers need to recognise the emotions and value in saving money for their future, like a dream home.
  • Debtors need to put some money in automatic saving funds to build their savings.
  • Investors would do great in future, but can also make do with some purchases in the present, striking a balance.



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